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   Weather in Mahdia

Mahdia has a Mediterranean climate with virtually guaranteed sunshine. Anyone looking to relax will not be disappointed, especially in middle of the summer. There is normally a sea breeze, which makes even hot days comfortable, and the sea itself is clear and inviting. The excellent beach at Mahdia is bound to attract those looking for a summer beach holiday, with enough of a wind to keep windsurf and sailing enthusiasts happy. Sea temperatures reach 26ºC in August and September. The average maximum air temperature remains above 24ºC from May until October, reaching 32ºC in July and August. In the evening the temperature drops enough to make life comfortable and to ensure a good night’s sleep. Mahdia is still warm  in October, when there may be some rain. Winters in Mahdia are mild and there is still plenty of sun. Temperatures fall to 16ºC in January and perhaps some rain from time to time. However, it is a good time to enjoy activities such as golf, visiting touristic sites with less visitors and to explore what is a delightful fishing port out of season. Spring in Mahdia is an unforgettable experience with flowers covering the whole Mahdia peninsula stretching out into the Mediterranean.

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  Things to do in and around Mahdia

Mahdia is a charming fishing port and a small beach resort. The médina (the Old town) stretches out along a peninsula and is entered by a reconstruction of the huge 16th century gate. Inside the walls, the « Skifa Al Kahla » (the dark passage) was built in sections which could be closed off in the event of an attack. Today the médina is full of welcoming merchants selling leatherware, silverware, carpets and other crafts. Mahdia is famous for its silk tradition - we have several good addresses to share with you for your gift and souvenir shopping. And do not miss the Friday open market, a feast for the eye and a great exercise in haggling!

Mahdia has lovely white sandy beaches with many sport activities on offer, from jet skiing to parascending, scuba diving to banana boating. The sparkling turquoise sea makes a lazy day at the beach all the more enjoyable. There is also a professionaldiving school offering the chance for beginners to take the plunge or experienced divers to enjoy the colourful marine life.

We truly recommend a visit to the amphitheatre at El Jem, at only 40 km from Mahdia. This is the biggest colosseum in North Africa, and very well preserved. Built in the 3rd century to hold up to 35,000 spectators, the theatre is still open for performances, even though “only” for concerts instead of gladiatorial contests. El Jem is easy to reach by collective taxi and a perfect destination for a day excursion.

  Sahara Break

Not far from Mahdia, the south of Tunisia is the gateway to a land of magic and wildness. Welcome to the biggest desert of the world, the Sahara desert. We suggest that you combine your stay with us at Mahdia with an excursion to the wild beauty of the Sahara desert and its welcoming people. Visit beautiful Tozeur, the oldest town in the region and take part in all excursions included in the package. The Sahara desert of Tunisia offers a mix of wilderness and traditional lifestyles. Our local guide will see to that your expectations are met. The charm of this region is best appreciated between December and June. Starting at: 179 € pp.

Sahara Tunisia Sahara - Tunisia Sahara - Tunisia Sahara - Tunisia Sahara - Tunisia

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